This blog is dedicated to all the brave people around the world who are sick and tired of religion and all the gods that have been invented by humanity, and specifically very sick of one of the most perverse by-products of religion: Zionism.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Halutz Bites The Dust

It's another good day as another war-criminal is out of job.

Though he has only been in the job for a mere year and a half, Halutz has been responsible for thousands of deaths in Lebanon and Palestine, as well as countless injuries, demolished houses, destroyed families and completely raized villages.

We at La-Ilaaha would like to wish Halutz a very slow and excruciatingly painful death.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Athiest Delusion

You have to watch this:

God Is Real. And He's Unbelievable.

Please send the link to all the believers you know.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Arab Americans Throwing Hissy Fits

As a Palestinian, it really irks me when Arab- and Muslim-American organizations create the biggest commotion over issues of personal freedom in America. All it would take is some redneck idiot working in a local airport in Nowheresville, Arkansas to politely ask a Muslim man to stop shouting his prayers in everybody’s ear, and suddenly Arab-Americans mobilize against this poor hick sod like you would think someone had occupied Iraq.

The latest sorry chapter of this story occurs with the global OUTRAGE at the treatment of six Imams in an airport in Minneapolis.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for freedom of expression, and I think it is plainly wrong to harass Muslims or to single them out, or to racially profile them on airports. However, I happen to find these issues, though colossal, slightly less bothersome than the small matters of the occupation of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and the dozens of disgusting leaders oppressing Muslims and Arabs everywhere.

So while all these things are happening in the Arab World and millions live under the yoke of oppression and persecution, what do their cousins who live in America do? Protest about six lousy Imams kicked off a plane. Remember, Arab Americans’ voting and lobbying could affect the policies of the only superpower in the world, they could try to organize effectively to better America’s policy in the region, to stop supporting Israel or any of the other despicable regimes that terrorize their cousins. But no, they choose to save their outrage for the things that really matter, like an Iraqi being asked off an airplane for wearing a T-shirt with Arabic letters on it. Just brilliant.

Well, on second thought, I am happy. I will be hoping that racists take over all positions of power in America and ban Arabs and Muslims from flying altogether, stick them in small neighborhoods behind walls like in Palestine, and have military checkpoints separating them from each other. I think that that is probably the only way that they will band together, and who knows, maybe one day if they stick together enough, they might actually get to have some real significant influence on a city council election somewhere in Michigan.

We Jumped the Gun On Another Sack of Shit

Looks like the dirty sack of crap that is Agusto Pinochet is still around this planet; he hasn't died and is recovering.

This of course is a disappointment; just by dying Pinochet would reduce the amount of evil present in the world. However, let's look on the bright side of things. Hopefully this sack of crap will lie in his bed for another few months twisting from comma to comma in what will hopefully be enormous pain, suffering and torture, just like his old buddy and even more crap-filled sack of crap Ariel Sharon.

If I were dumb enough to believe in things like heaven and hell, I would crack a joke about the devil deciding these two are too filthy to carry to hell and trying to delegate Lucifer to do it. Lucifer of course will not handle his daddy's dirty sacks of crap and has filed a complaint with God requesting that God find someone else to send these two sacks of crap to hell. But for all eternity, no devil will agree to come near these things, they are too evil for the devil to touch.

My suggestion: They should Sharon & Pinochet together in the same cage, and amke it accessible to everyone who wishes to urinate and crap on them. It would become the national game of Palestinian, Chile, and Lebanon. I can imagine a World Cup developing out of this sport, and each country would delegate the best team of pissers to see who can drown these pigs with urine first. The Iraqis could join the games by brining in Saddam, and the Italians can bring the child-molesting Pope (either the new one of the old one).

Bolton and Pinochet checking out

It's a sad day for right-wing fundamentalists everywhere.

John Bolton, the despicable sack of crap that has done his best over the last couple of years to set the scene for the apocalypse by destroying any chances for world peace, saving the environment, fighting poverty, international cooperation, has resigned; and the despicable sack of crap that is his president has accepted his resignation. Good fucking riddance.

And yet another despicable sack of crap, Agusto Pinochet, is about to do the best thing he has ever done in his life: end it. The man responsible for the death of thousands of Chileans and one of Reagan’s favorite “our son of a bitch” will not be remembered fondly in his home country, and his memory will live on as a mark of shame, among many others, for the governments of Thatcher and Reagan.

Add this to the recent death of P.W. Botha, and the impending long-overdue death of the ever-thinning sack of crap Ariel Sharon, and It’s a sad time for racist genocidal right-wing fundamentalists everywhere. But unfortunately for all of us humans, you can count on the criminal governments of Israel and America to continue their genocidal way. Dick Cheney will still kill a few scores of thousands before he’s out of office, and Israel has appointed Avigdor Lieberman as deputy Prime Minister.

Sacks of Shit… all of them.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Books Everyone Should Read

The world would be a much better place if everyone read these two books.

First off, Richard Dawkins' Magnum Opus 'The God Delusion'. Dawkins calmly, comprehensively and resoundingly takes on all the arguments for the existence of any form of 'god' and demolishes them to pieces. Most would say that that isn't really such a great feat--as any smart 15-year-old could do the same-- which is true. Even though Dawkins’ presentation is very comprehensive, these arguments have been presented before in many works, not least his own. However, what is original and commendable about this book is that Dawkins goes further than destroying any reasonable foundation for religion, but also illustrates just how dangerous all forms of faith are, and how important it is for all of us to not just stop believing in religion, but to strive towards a world with no irrational religious beliefs. Tolerating religion, according to Dawkins, is a slippery slope that will lead to countless harmful consequences.

Faith in a fictional deity, even the most innocuous and meaningless forms of it, is something harmful for us as a human society. It fosters irrationality and makes it look like it is ok for people to believe things that have no basis in reality or rationality. This is dangerous because once you take one step on the slope of irrational belief, it is a slippery slope to preaching the banning of condoms, blowing up the World Trade Center, or establishing a Jewish theocracy on a land with a majority of non-Jews by ethnic cleansing. All of these crimes have one thing in common, at their heart they follow from an irrational person's interpretation of an irrational 'faith'. If 'faith' is considered acceptable, then there is no solid reasonable basis to distinguish between innocuous faith and criminal faith. They are all equally irrational, and once you suspend reason, then you have nothing with which to confront the irrational criminals like the Pope or Bin Ladin or Ariel Sharon.

The second book is Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. This is by no means the most comprehensive, informative or just treatment of the Palestinian/Israeli 'conflict', but at the least it offers a sober analysis of just how bad the situation is for Palestinians and just how much Americans are responsible for this mess. If Americans would read this book, they would certainly demand change in their government's despicable stance towards the Middle East's most bloody theocracy.

Buy these books and read them, and tell all your friends about them, and if you're giving away any gifts for whatever holiday you celebrate, these books are the best choice.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What Israel Means by a Cease-Fire

So a ceasfire is taking hold in Palestine. Surely this will bring the calm that will lead to the negotiations and the peace that has been elusive, right? WRONG! For Israel a ceasefire does not in any way relate to their ability to (and love of) murdering, arresting, demolishing and destroying. Here are just a sample of the violations of the ceasefire by Israel.

Until the despicable pigs of the Israeli government are restrained from this criminality, there can be no peace.

December 2, 2006

Gaza – Ma'an - A newly-released report has revealed that Israeli violations of the ceasefire agreement, since its inception at 6am on Sunday 26th November, are ongoing and vary between killing, arrests and the demolishing of Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip.

The report, which was prepared by Palestine today news, said that the West Bank cities and towns witnessed most of the Israeli violations. On the second day of the ceasefire, the Israelis killed a man and an old woman in Jenin, while two boys were killed on the fifth and the sixth days. A total of 130 Palestinians have been arrested, and many houses have been demolished, in addition to many incursions and forced entry campaigns.

Day one of the truce - Sunday 26th November

• Israelis arrest a man in Hebron city;
• Arrest one in Beituniya, near Ramallah;
• Four boys arrested in Abu Dis;
• One boy injured in 'Azzun, near Qalqilia

The second day – Monday 27th November

• The killing of the leader of the An Nasser Salah Addin Brigades in Qabatia, south of Jenin;
• The killing of an elderly lady, also in Qabatia;
• The arrest of six Fatah members in Nablus;
• The arrest of three Hamas members in Qalqilia;
• The arrest of two Hamas members in Ramallah;
• The arrest of three Hamas members in Hebron;
• The arrest of a Palestinian at the israeli barrier near Qalqilia,
• The arrest of three more in Nablus
• A military incursion into Bethlehem, and the arrest of another Palestinian.

The third day - Tuesday 28th November

• Israeli military incursion into Tulkarem, arrest three.
• The arrest of eleven Palestinians in Silat Harithiya near Jenin (mostly from one family),
• The demolition of two houses in 'Arabbuna, near Jenin;
• Assassination attempt against Palestinian activist in Qabatia, near Jenin;
• Incursion into As Samu, south of Hebron, launching a search campaign in the town
• Abduction of an activist from the Al Aqsa Brigades, and two other citizens in Qabatia

The fourth day - Wednesday 29th November

• Israeli artillery shelled the northern area of the Gaza Strip
• Israeli military incursion into the villages of Tulkarem, and a search campaign throughout the villages.
• Israeli special forces abducted Jihad Abu Khadir in Qalqilia.

The fifth day – Thursday 30th November

• The killing of a boy in Beita, south of Nablus;
• Invasion of Azza refugee camp in Bethlehem, and the arrest of 11 Palestinians;
• Incursion in Tuqu', south of Bethlehem, and the arrest of two citizens;
• The arrest of four people from Ash Shawawra, east of Bethlehem;
• The arrest of one person in the Karkafa area of the city of Bethlehem;
• Four arrested n Nablus;• Eight arrested in Ramallah;
• Four students arrested in Qarawat Bani Zaid, in the Ramallah area;
• Three arrested in the city of Hebron;
• Two boys arrested in 'Yabad, near Jenin;
• Five arrested in Nablus and Balata refugee camp;
• Israeli forces raided farms south of Tubas, forcing the farmers off the land;
• Israeli military forces closed the entrance of Tammun, harassing the citizens;
• Israeli military forces occupied the home of a citizen in 'Alar, turning it into a military post;
• Houses demolished in Kfar Etzion and Salfit;
• One boy arrested at Atarot barrier, north of Jerusalem;
• Military raid on Salfit, shooting at the houses of the citizens;
• Arrest of three Palestinians on the border with Egypt;
• Israeli military bulldozers demolish several houses and farmers houses north and east of Qalqilia;
• Bulldozers demolish the home of a Palestinian citizen in Wadi ar Rasha, near Qalqilia.

Sixth day – Friday 1st December

• The killing of a Palestinian in Hebron;
• A full-scale military operation in Asira, north of Nablus, and the arrest of 25 Palestinians in the town of Asira, and the city of Nablus;
• The arrest of a Palestinian citizen in Nablus;
• The arrest of a Palestinian citizen in ash-Shawawra in Bethlehem, and the theft of his money and gold jewelry;• The arrest of a man in Bani Na'im, east of Hebron;
• The arrest of a man at the "Container" barrier, between Abu Dis and Bethlehem;
• The injury of a Palestinian boy in 'Azzun, near Qalqilia;
• The injury of a Palestinian boy in Sa'ir, north of Hebron;
• The arrest of two young men in Qalqilia;

The seventh day – Saturday 2nd of December (so far)

• Military campaign in many towns of the West Bank, and the arrest of many Palestinians.

On Science, Reason and Nazi Religious Idiots

This is a nice picture I've had for a while that will get us started. It expresses pretty well why religion is pretty despicable. You should keep this in mind when reading the idiotic ramblings of the child-molesting neo-luddite that is the new Pope when he talks about science, rationality and faith:

A reason which is deaf to the divine and which relegates religion into the realm of subcultures is incapable of entering into the dialogue of cultures.

A reason that listens to the divine is as much of an oxymoron as an intelligent Pope. By bringing in stupid concepts like the 'divine' you automatically suspend reason, you moron. If this Nazi is calling for a 'dialogue of culture', we should really worry. How can there be a 'dialogue' (which necessitates reason) among 'faiths' and ideas of the 'divine' which necessitate the suspension of reason.


Welcome wa ahlan wa sahlan..

This blog is dedicated to all the brave people around the world who are sick and tired of religion and all the gods that have been invented by humanity, and specifically very sick of one of the most perverse by-products of religion: Zionism.

We will post stories showing why there is no such a thing as god, exposing the stupidity, evil, and criminality of all the planet's religions, and urge people to stop following their rubbish religions and become secular humanists.

This blog is also extremely averse to criminal ideas like Zionism. We will be constantly writing about how despicable Zionism is, and why it should be ended for peace to take hold in the world.

Needless to say, if you believe in God or the need for a Jewish theocracy in Palestine, you will not enjoy this blog. Which is good. Kindly fuck off and please do not bother us with your idiocy; we are not interested in hearing about why you think your version of 'god' is the right one, nor are we interested in any justification for Zionism. Go pray to your imaginary god to burn us in your imaginary hell, or go cheer as the criminals of Israel murder another score of children in Gaza.