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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Arab Americans Throwing Hissy Fits

As a Palestinian, it really irks me when Arab- and Muslim-American organizations create the biggest commotion over issues of personal freedom in America. All it would take is some redneck idiot working in a local airport in Nowheresville, Arkansas to politely ask a Muslim man to stop shouting his prayers in everybody’s ear, and suddenly Arab-Americans mobilize against this poor hick sod like you would think someone had occupied Iraq.

The latest sorry chapter of this story occurs with the global OUTRAGE at the treatment of six Imams in an airport in Minneapolis.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for freedom of expression, and I think it is plainly wrong to harass Muslims or to single them out, or to racially profile them on airports. However, I happen to find these issues, though colossal, slightly less bothersome than the small matters of the occupation of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and the dozens of disgusting leaders oppressing Muslims and Arabs everywhere.

So while all these things are happening in the Arab World and millions live under the yoke of oppression and persecution, what do their cousins who live in America do? Protest about six lousy Imams kicked off a plane. Remember, Arab Americans’ voting and lobbying could affect the policies of the only superpower in the world, they could try to organize effectively to better America’s policy in the region, to stop supporting Israel or any of the other despicable regimes that terrorize their cousins. But no, they choose to save their outrage for the things that really matter, like an Iraqi being asked off an airplane for wearing a T-shirt with Arabic letters on it. Just brilliant.

Well, on second thought, I am happy. I will be hoping that racists take over all positions of power in America and ban Arabs and Muslims from flying altogether, stick them in small neighborhoods behind walls like in Palestine, and have military checkpoints separating them from each other. I think that that is probably the only way that they will band together, and who knows, maybe one day if they stick together enough, they might actually get to have some real significant influence on a city council election somewhere in Michigan.


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