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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bolton and Pinochet checking out

It's a sad day for right-wing fundamentalists everywhere.

John Bolton, the despicable sack of crap that has done his best over the last couple of years to set the scene for the apocalypse by destroying any chances for world peace, saving the environment, fighting poverty, international cooperation, has resigned; and the despicable sack of crap that is his president has accepted his resignation. Good fucking riddance.

And yet another despicable sack of crap, Agusto Pinochet, is about to do the best thing he has ever done in his life: end it. The man responsible for the death of thousands of Chileans and one of Reagan’s favorite “our son of a bitch” will not be remembered fondly in his home country, and his memory will live on as a mark of shame, among many others, for the governments of Thatcher and Reagan.

Add this to the recent death of P.W. Botha, and the impending long-overdue death of the ever-thinning sack of crap Ariel Sharon, and It’s a sad time for racist genocidal right-wing fundamentalists everywhere. But unfortunately for all of us humans, you can count on the criminal governments of Israel and America to continue their genocidal way. Dick Cheney will still kill a few scores of thousands before he’s out of office, and Israel has appointed Avigdor Lieberman as deputy Prime Minister.

Sacks of Shit… all of them.


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