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Sunday, December 03, 2006

On Science, Reason and Nazi Religious Idiots

This is a nice picture I've had for a while that will get us started. It expresses pretty well why religion is pretty despicable. You should keep this in mind when reading the idiotic ramblings of the child-molesting neo-luddite that is the new Pope when he talks about science, rationality and faith:

A reason which is deaf to the divine and which relegates religion into the realm of subcultures is incapable of entering into the dialogue of cultures.

A reason that listens to the divine is as much of an oxymoron as an intelligent Pope. By bringing in stupid concepts like the 'divine' you automatically suspend reason, you moron. If this Nazi is calling for a 'dialogue of culture', we should really worry. How can there be a 'dialogue' (which necessitates reason) among 'faiths' and ideas of the 'divine' which necessitate the suspension of reason.


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