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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We Jumped the Gun On Another Sack of Shit

Looks like the dirty sack of crap that is Agusto Pinochet is still around this planet; he hasn't died and is recovering.

This of course is a disappointment; just by dying Pinochet would reduce the amount of evil present in the world. However, let's look on the bright side of things. Hopefully this sack of crap will lie in his bed for another few months twisting from comma to comma in what will hopefully be enormous pain, suffering and torture, just like his old buddy and even more crap-filled sack of crap Ariel Sharon.

If I were dumb enough to believe in things like heaven and hell, I would crack a joke about the devil deciding these two are too filthy to carry to hell and trying to delegate Lucifer to do it. Lucifer of course will not handle his daddy's dirty sacks of crap and has filed a complaint with God requesting that God find someone else to send these two sacks of crap to hell. But for all eternity, no devil will agree to come near these things, they are too evil for the devil to touch.

My suggestion: They should Sharon & Pinochet together in the same cage, and amke it accessible to everyone who wishes to urinate and crap on them. It would become the national game of Palestinian, Chile, and Lebanon. I can imagine a World Cup developing out of this sport, and each country would delegate the best team of pissers to see who can drown these pigs with urine first. The Iraqis could join the games by brining in Saddam, and the Italians can bring the child-molesting Pope (either the new one of the old one).


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